Elevate 11th Man Box Lacrosse Goalie

  • $319.99

Technically, this should be called the 6th Man but we won't argue it!

The 11th man is Elevate's BOX LACROSSE goalie is brand new and just what is needed for box players everywhere!

This three dimensional box lacrosse goalie simulates the true shape and angle of a real goalie to give players the most realistic practice reps. It improves accuracy like no other product on the market. Highly portable with an easy set up.

•Allows players to realistically practice their shot from any angle
•Creates visual focus on the area's players are more likely to score
•Gives players max shooting reps with instant feedback without needing a goalie
•Highly portable sets up in 3 minutes and weighs only 18 lbs
•1 year warranty on all parts
• Includes air pump, foam pads and carry bag

Size: 55" tall 
Colour: royal blue/white


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love this product. Brought it to our associations first U-11 Box Assessment and worked great with the kids. Only thing is the pads don’t really stop it from moving on a shot if hit on one side or the other but probably can’t really fix that anyways. Overall was very impressed with this. Thank You

Patrick Kurtz
Great addition for practices

Purchase this for my son to practice with and after the first few shots it is so much better than a traditional shooter tutor.
It’s easy to set up and like the idea that it can be moved in the net to simulate shooting from corners.