StringKing Complete 2 Pro Goalie stick

  • $239.99

StringKing's Complete 2 Pro Goalie stick was built for goalies.

Made with high quality and consistent components, the StringKing Complete 2 Pro Goalie delivers elite performance in an easy, worry-free package. This complete lacrosse goalie stick gives you everything you need — more saves, better control, and sharper outlets.

More saves.
Make more saves with the Complete 2 Pro Goalie — engineered to stop the ball and control the rebound. The slight forward angle, stiff construction, and expertly strung pocket of the Mark 2G goalie head all work together to make sure you're a brick wall in the net.

Better control.
The Complete 2 Pro Goalie is an off-the-shelf goalie stick that's actually good enough to use. No more flat pockets, long and heavy shafts, or break-in time. The 162 gram A Series goalie shaft is a little shorter than a typical goalie shaft but a little longer than an attack shaft. That gives you a lightweight, consistent goalie stick that you can handle more easily.

Sharper outlets.
StringKing started as a mesh and pocket company, and our dedication to the best pockets in lacrosse hasn't changed. The expertly strung Grizzly 1s pocket gives you the perfect semi-soft goalie pocket. It helps control rebounds but allows you to get the ball out of your stick and up the field quickly. The perfect lacrosse pocket for crisp, consistent outlet passes.

Durability guaranteed.
If your lacrosse stick breaks within its warranty period, we will replace it for free.

Head: MARK 2G (white)
Pocket: Goalie
Mesh: Grizzly 1S (semi-soft white)
Handle: A162 = 162g - silver colour