East Coast Dyes Carbon 2.0 Box handle

  • $169.99

ECD's newest handle is built for box! Working directly with world-class box players, ECD made sure this is the best handle ever for box players!

The Carbon 2.0 line has been blessed with an upgrade to give box players a true beast of a handle. It's basically a Carbon 2.0 on steroids!

ECD are like the players who are always striving for more: Players who are never satisfied and refuse to settle. Those are the players ECD focused on when engineering the Carbon 2.0 Box handle. It is built to be stiff and stable in order to take on all the abuse of the box game. This is the shaft indoor players have been waiting for.

· Stiff Construction
· Impact+ Layup
· Durable Texture
· Long-Lasting Paint
· Sleek, Clean Design

Pair this up with an ECD head of your choice and you will be game-ready!

Length: 30"
Colour: Black