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Boddam Air Lite Chest & Arms

Boddam Air Lite Chest & Arms

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Nick Rose, Aaron Bold, Anthony Cosmo, Brandon Miller and Matt Vinc are among the greatest goaltenders to play the game and Boddam is their upper body of choice.

Air Lite Pro upper brings major features to the game.

  • The best ever arm control and stability is achieved with Boddam's new “TRU-LOK” elbow system. Arm roll or rotation is virtually eliminated utilizing a tight or loose setting. The TRU LOK system vastly increases arm placement resulting in greater net coverage.
  • Goalies will benefit from Boddam's extensive full arm ventilation. Heat fatigue is a major detractor from your mental sharpness. The full arm venting increases air flow and overall comfort.
  • Working in unison with the elbow is our double lock fore arm. The duel wrist and offset fore arm locks let the goalie choose the exact arm control that suits their game. Utilizing ultra soft synthetic chamois leather, the wrist lock provides ultimate comfort and control.
  • Boddam's upgraded arm floaters now feature increased arm coverage. The expanded coverage protects while aiding in better arm seal. The Air Lite also see’s the integration of a new baffle layer added the the fore arm. This simple yet highly effective layer gives goalies another option to keep ball impact away from the body.
  • A new strap system helps keep the upper sitting properly on the shoulders and eliminates the drop in the front neck/breastbone area.

As the exclusive goalie supplier to the National Lacrosse League over the past 12 years Boddam works to the specs and measurements as mandated by the league. From safety, performance, functionality and innovation features found on Boddam Uppers are tested and then utilized in the NLL.

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