Elevate 11th Man Lacrosse Defender Pro

  • $215.00

Don't have a practice buddy? No worries - now you can have your own every day!

The 11th man is Elevate's defender dummy that's great for newer to advanced players.  It's the ultimate practice partner that allows you to emulate real game scenarios in practice.  Master screen shots, dodging, hitches, cuts, and picks. It can be used in almost any drill to make it more engaging and fun.  Highly portable with an easy set up it's perfect for at-home training or team practices. Just pump it up, fill the base with water and get your game on!

•Allows players to realistically practice screen shots without hitting teamates
•Unmatched game like reps during practice
•Master dodges, setting picks in the 2 man game, and cuts.
•Train goalies to save screen shots
•Ideal for at home training or team practices (get 2-4 for full practices)
•Lightweight at 15-30 lbs and inflates in 1 minute with included pump
• 1 year warranty on all parts
• Includes air pump

Size: 72" tall 
Colour: grey/royal blue


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already has elevated our player’s game

Makes routine practicing a lot more fun, which means more practice on his own time, and noticeable improvement in his game!