Jimalax Money Mesh - pattern

  • $19.99

New Material:
Money Mesh is constructed out of completely new material. Jimalax found a fiber that was lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and of high tensile strength. Jimalax also made sure that the performance of their new material would not change under wet or cold conditions. So the next time you feel like playing in a blizzard, know that Money Mesh has you covered.

New Construction:
Jimalax redesigned their knit construction for even greater overlap within the material. This added overlap, combined with the natural properties of our new material, makes the horizontal strength of Money Mesh much higher than other meshes. Worrying about your Money Mesh bagging out is like worrying about the Zombie Apocalypse... it ain't gonna happen.

New Coating:
Jimalax wanted the holy grail of coatings... rugged yet flexible, durable yet requiring no break-in, and they found it. Jimalax's new coating accentuates the roughness of the material and construction, but is extremely pliable and easy-to-string.

Jimalax didn't stop there. Money Mesh comes in a variety of color patterns, featuring brilliant colors and crisp transitions. The colors and patterns are implemented during the manufacturing process, which sets Money Mesh apart from the competition. You can't get mesh like this with RIT dye and a few pots.

Pure - All white
Barcode - Alternating white and black stripes
Diablo - Bold red stripes accented with white and black
Galaxy - Asymmetric combination of blues, purple, and black with white accents (symbolizing stars)
Liberty - Inspired by Old Glory, featuring the blue canton and alternating red and white stripes
subLIME - Features signature Jimalax colors, neon green, gray, white and black
Zion - Inspired by the Rastafari movement
Olympic - Inspired by the iconic five interlocking rings
Bro - Just so bro... nothing else to say
Bolt - Black, neon green, and neon yellow stripes... gives off a serious speed vibe
Irish - A clear nod to the flag of Ireland
Viper - A bold black stripe separating classic sport car colors
Laxy Taffy - A pastel/neon candy theme
Tokyo - Inspired by the neon lights of the night skyline
Maryland - Alternating yellow/black and red/white, like the flag of Maryland