RageCage Club-V6 Lacrosse Goal - 6' x 6'

  • $570.00

Rage Cage Club-V6, full size goal, comes with our patented Rage Cage Club Net. Rage Cage Club-V6 is intended for college level shooters and below.

The patented Rage Cage Club-V6 net is ultra-strong.

  • Rage Cage Club-V6 nets have 2 layers of 4mm mesh (4 squares of overlap) around the perimeter and metal bands bonding both layers together.
  • Double Strength, New ground bracket design.
  • These net sections have the equivalent of an 8mm net. Tops of the diagonal hems are reinforced.
  • Rage Cage Club-V6 ground brackets locks are included and stored in the orange pipes, near the point joint, for convenience.
  • Our Rage Cage net fastening system provides a durable connection between the net and pipe for the highest-level shooters.
  • Rage Cage Club-V5 goals have double mono-filament along the cross bar.
  • Weighs 44 lbs.
  • Rage Cage ShotBlocker included.

Full size goals are 84” or 7’ deep.
The folded size of Rage Cage Club-V6 is - 47”H x 49”D x 12”W.