StringKing Mark 2G goalie head - white - prestrung

  • $179.99
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StringKing's Mark 2G is built for goalies.

The Mark 2G goalie lacrosse head features an ultra-stiff construction, light-weight design and optimized face shape for faster hands and more saves.

More saves! With a design that maximizes surface area and materials that optimize stiffness, the Mark 2G helps you make more saves every time you get in front of a shot.

Better control! The Mark 2G goalie lacrosse head features an unparalleled 42 stringing holes for unlimited stringing options and a shortened throat to give you more control.

Faster hands! By eliminating unnecessary weight and optimizing the design of the Mark 2G, you get a lighter, more aerodynamic head to help you make more saves and quicker outlets.

This Mark 2G white head is pro-strung with StringKing Grizzly 1X white mesh and strings.

COLOUR: Head = white
                Mesh (Grizzly 2S) & strings = white