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STX Hammer U Head - unstrung

STX Hammer U Head - unstrung

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One of the first heads strictly designed for the advanced defender! C-Channel technology along the bottom rail and scoop provides extra strength for checking and stability on loose balls! While the 4 chambered throat design removes unnecessary material keeping the head lightweight!


  • C-Channel technology provides extra strength for checking and ground balls
  • STX's signature open sidewall in rear that flexes on checks and ground balls, preserving durability
  • Unique shape of top sidewall rail allows for even distribution of stress to maintain the stiffness and strength of head
  • Three sidewall braces provide extra stability on ground balls
  • STX's four-chambered throat design reduces weight while maintaining strength
  • Multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
  • STX Forward Cant™
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS rules
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