STX Stallion 700 Head

  • $129.99

STX put the engineering, design and craftsmanship worthy of an elite supercar into the best head they have ever developed. The Stallion 700 combines ultimate style with unrivaled technology.

 unique production process creates a marbled look by combining two different material colors. No dying is involved, which means the color is permanent and will not fade over time.


  • Enhanced groundball play with STX’s new, patent pending, Speed Scoop™, allows for quick and effortless scooping by minimizing scoop drag on turf and grass
  • The Stallion's iconic two-sidewall brace design provides optimal stability when shooting, checking, and on ground balls
  • New Stallion 700 design is 25% stiffer and 5% lighter than previous Stallion models
  • C-Channel™ technology distributes stress on the sidewall, providing extra strength and stability between the lines
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS rules