Warrior Evo QX-O (Offense) head

  • $129.99

Warrior introduced the Evo QX-O head in 2021. The Evo QX-O is 20 grams lighter than its predecessor, and built for the offensive ball carrier who utilizes ball control and quick releases.

Using new Therma-Loc resin, the QX-O offers increased performance in high heat and maintains both head shape and stiffness. The improved scoop is perfect for ground ball control making every player a Human Vacuum.

The bottom rail design is ideal for stringing mid to low pockets, giving you superior ball control and quick releases.

The Sym-Rail eliminates excess weight while still improving stiffness.

The head comes with an optional LOC-THROAT to give you full control of your head. Simply insert the LOC-THROAT for better head-to-handle attachment or leave it out for a lighter feel.

Colours: white, black