RingJet 500 Stick

  • $84.99

The original revolution for shooters! RingJet 500 suits the greatest range of playing styles.
  • Optimal flex for improved shooting.
  • Fiberglass sidewalls provide added support and longevity.
  • Full-ribbed tip keeps its full shape longer. Tips are secured by 1/4" dowel, fiberglass wrapped and epoxied, ensuring tip will never fall out.
  • Vented core keeps the stick light!

Length: 55"
Construction: Two-part wood shaft with fiberglass sidewalls and vented core.
Material: Aspen centre with Birch stiffener strips and fiberglass sidewalls.
Warranty: 30 day unconditional breakage replacement guarantee.
Recommended ages: 14+

Colours: Tri-White (white/blue/black), Tri-Silver (silver/black/white), Tri-Black (black/red/black), All Blue (stealth), Red-Black, Blue-on-Blue, Black/Silver, Natural