Signature Complete Universal Men's Lacrosse Stick

  • $129.99

Signature Lacrosse combines the Contract head and pro pocket with a durable handle!

The durable head features pro strung light-weight weave mesh pocket with patented Delta Technology to give consistent performance under all conditions.

The aerospace grade 7001 series aluminum handle offers the best strength-to-weight ratio and maximum grip!

This stick has been engineered for The The Players. (™) Tested by NLL Professional and College Lacrosse National Champions.

*Includes One (1) The Player Premium Shaft, High Butt End, Low Butt End, One (1) Pro Strung "The Contract" Head, Signature Keychain

Length: 30" shaft (total stick length with head = 40 1/2")

Colours: white head/mesh with silver shaft, white head/mesh with black shaft