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StringKing A162 Goalie Shaft

StringKing A162 Goalie Shaft

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The StringKing A Series shafts offer ridiculous value, better materials and durability guaranteed. The most affordable lacrosse shafts for goalies.

  • StringKing A Series Goalie shafts are the best value in metal lax shafts. Reliable metal shafts that blend the best mix of lightweight design, strong construction, and affordable price.
  • The 7150 premium aluminum alloy used in the A Series lacrosse shafts offers a solid strength-to-weight ratio without breaking the bank.
  • The A Series lacrosse shafts give you the perfect intersection of strength, weight, and price.
  • Includes a roll of StringKing lacrosse tape

Durability guaranteed.
If your lacrosse shaft breaks within its warranty period, StringKing will replace it for free.

Major dents, cracks or breaks.
Bend(s) in the shaft that directly affects play.
Manufacturing defects.
Anything that would deem the shaft unplayable or significantly affect performance.

Colours: black, silver

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